If you’d like to follow my career as a professional classical dancer, go over to my Instagram page here.  Read on to find out more about my life at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy …

If you are particularly interested in entering international ballet competitions, I wrote an article on my top tips for preparing for international ballet competitions here.


Whilst competing at Tanzolymp 2015 (see my post here), in Berlin, I also had the chance to appreciate Staatsballett’s production of Sleeping Beauty fully outfitted in Nacho Duato’s new choreography – it really was a beautiful spectacle with fabulous sets and costumes. Tchaikovsky’s traditional music was left alone, however, apart from a few moments of necessary resemblance to Petipa’s original choreography, the rest took the classical style in an entirely new direction. Though I didn’t recognise it as typical Duato, the choreography possessed a flare and experimental quality that only he could have created.  Below is the link to the trailer:

Making the most of being in Berlin, I visited the Yumiko store.  Yumiko make the best fitting dance leotards in the most amazing colour combinations; probably because they are designed by a dancer.  When you spend all day, every day in leotards, it’s important to feel good in them!

Yumiko store Berlin - Tala Lee-Turton

At the Yumiko store in Berlin

I also saw some of the famous sights of Berlin Including the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Museum Island, the Brandenburg Gate and Berlin Cathedral.  The hotel I was staying in was right next to the famous TV tower – so it was always easy to find our way home!

I also, of course, tried out some fabulous foodie places including a Vietnamese restaurant called Monsieur Vuong and a great vegan restaurant called Kopps that blew my mind!

At Monsieur Vuong, Vietnamese restaurant.

At Monsieur Vuong, Vietnamese restaurant.

Gorgeous mango and raspberry smoothies at M Vuong.

Gorgeous mango and raspberry smoothies at M Vuong.

I also couldn’t visit Berlin without experiencing the Ritter Sport Factory where you can make your own chocolate bar!

My chocolate block being made at the Ritter Sport Factory :)

My chocolate bar being made at the Ritter Sport Factory 🙂

Collecting ritter

Collecting my made-to-order chocolate bar!

I really was sad to leave Berlin; every moment I spent there was spectacular!  I hope to do the competition again next year so I’ll be able to see more!