Daily Express – June 2016: Meet the inspirational ballerina who’s danced her way from Barnsley to the Bolshoi

It is a long way from Barnsley to Moscow: 1,961 miles to be precise. But for the past four years the Russian capital has been home to a Yorkshire-born ballet student who has just pulled off a manoeuvre more impressive even than her elegant jetés and fierce fouettes. Not only is Tala Lee-Turton a trailblazer as a rare British trainee at the Bolshoi Academy, she has fi nished top in her class following her intensive training programme and has been awarded a covetable job with the Royal Moscow Ballet.

Russian News Feature – May 2015: Graduates of the Moscow Academy of Choreography gave a Concert

New Graduates of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography performed at the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater. In the last year of study at the university, young dancers managed to present our country at 12 prestigious international competitions. At the concert at the Bolshoi Theater they showed everything they had learned: they danced both classical and modern. The audience had a unique opportunity to try to calculate the future star. here

ITV Calendar – August 2013: Ballet student’s funding appeal

A student at one of the worlds leading ballet schools has come home to Barnsley. ​Tala Lee-Turton has just completed her first year at the Bolshoi school in Moscow, but faces a struggle to raise funds to keep her studies going. She needs more than twenty thousand pounds a year for fees and living costs but recieves no grants or government backing.

Barnsley Chronicle – December 2012: Tala jets in from Moscow for Christmas

Dancer Tala Lee-Turton will return from Moscow tomorrow to spend Christmas with her family and make a TV appearance. Tala, 16, of Barnsley Road, Wombwell, moved to Russia in September after finally raising enough money to fund her first year of study at the prestigious Bolshoi Academy. It made her only the ninth Briton to have won a place at the ballet school since it was founded in 1776.