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Ballet Industry Advice

Are you Training Effectively – Becoming a Professional Ballet Dancer

Over the course of my career, I've learned that, for a ballet dancer to perform at their best, dance training must become a lifestyle; it’s the reason we train so rigorously from such a young age. And though our knowledge [...]

Preparing For International Ballet Competitions – My Top Tips

Ballet competitions have always been an important part of my development as a professional dancer, giving me many memories and life experiences that I still cherish today. Competing at the World Ballet Competition in Florida was one of the formative moments in [...]

Top Tips for Eating Well as a Ballet Dancer, Vegetarian and Foodie

Eating habits in the classical dance world tend to make scandalous subject matter, amongst dancers and non-dancers alike. I’ve certainly been shocked by the lack of nutritional knowledge in the dance world which, combined with our unusual and often hectic [...]

How to Identify the Right Ballet Training for You

As a professional in today’s industry climate, I feel it’s absolutely necessary to try out as many different styles of technique class as possible - in fact, I really enjoy doing so.  However, I only feel comfortable doing so because [...]

Ballet Photography – Why It’s Important For Dancers

Ballet photography can be beautiful, thought provoking and moving. The right shot offers an opportunity to capture a dancer’s strengths, passions and abilities in a single frame forever. As a ballet dancer, it’s vital to make sure you can build [...]

Why I Love Ballet – And You Should Too!

Training to become a professional classical dancer has given me much opportunity over the years to consider the importance of ballet. Although classical dance is one of the oldest art forms, it is developing and progressing all the time, acting [...]

3 Things I Wish I’d Known about Becoming a Professional Ballerina

Navigating life as a classical dancer is a bit of a minefield at the best of times; especially managing the uncertainties of training that carry through to the professional world. At times I have felt like a complete outsider, ill [...]

Russian Ballet Training – How it Helped me to Become a Professional Classical Dancer

I’m very transparent about the fact that Russian style ballet training has given me a great base from which to pursue a career in classical dance. Though it’s definitely not a be-all-and-end-all for everybody (see the post here for how [...]

Choreographing for Classical Dance – Where Should You Start?

Throughout my training and upon starting work as a professional dancer, I've learned that inspiration to choreograph comes from many sources.  Nature is a source of inspiration, alongside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Different styles of dance can [...]

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Choosing Music to Inspire your Choreography

Powerful classical, neo-classical and contemporary performances rely on good choreography, a strong theme, and of course, a commanding piece of music. While on the face of it, choosing the right music to accompany your piece may seem simple, it can [...]

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