Ballet Class – Photos at the Barre

Here are some photos of the exercises we do at the barre in my ballet class – I am in the burgundy leotard! See pre-class warm ups here.




  1. […] My teacher considers the ideal length of time for a ballet exam to be 55 minutes and has been very firm in making sure that we achieve that.  Therefore, we have certain time limits such as the allotted time for our barre which is 10 – 12 minutes long; we have practically no breaks between the barre exercise, running it as one long combination from start to finish which is really great for your stamina.  I’ve posted pictures of our barre exercises here. […]

  2. […] We have ballet class every day – six days a week.  Class starts with a full barre which last about three quarters of an hour, followed by centre work and finally allegro.  Our teacher, Natalia Igorivna Revitch, often adds pointe or repertoire at the end as well.  We are currently practising the Clock Dance from Copellia and have already worked on variations such as Bluebird from Sleeping Beauty, Dulcinea from the Dream Sequence in Don Quixote, the first Paquita pas de trois and the Giselle first act solo.  The Russian training focuses a lot on flexibility and turn out; at nearly two hours long, it is a strenuous class that has increased my stamina and mental endurance noticeably since I started here at the Academy.  See more class photos here. […]

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