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Personal Reflections of a Dancer

When You Talk About Ballet, Do You Talk About Mental Health?

Earlier this year I found myself in a taxi, on my way to the BBC Broadcasting House at 6.30 am. Not a questionably clean, well used kind of taxi mind you- a cool, paid for, polite driver kind of taxi.  And [...]

On International Women’s Day…

Mum, Madonna, Michelle, Michelle and Misty. On International Women's Day, five women that have shaped my life. What makes me who I am? Or maybe, who makes me who I am? Or even, without whom would I not be where [...]

US Roadtripping, Ballet and Food – Summer 2018

Take me back.  Back to the High Line, to Venice Beach, to City Lights. Take me back to infinite brunches and Balanchine-saturated ballet classes; parched vistas and grimy yet glamorous glitz. Yes, apple pie and cheese can be eaten together. [...]

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Simple Recipe For Life

Learning to Love Spontaneity. That's what I’d call this sweetcorn fry up, if I wanted to. Or maybe, Having A Go at Simple. Although it’s not entirely ‘simple’, so to speak. I appreciate simple; iridescent emerald and gold olive oil [...]

When I’m not dancing … I’m thinking of food.

Do you ever get so many ideas you feel your head’ll explode? Are they ideas or are they impulses originating outside commonplace cognition? This happens to me countless times. I tend to reconcile my humming brain, defying rest at 12 [...]